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After the cold, damp winter months your lawn will most likely be ready for a good spring lawn renovation program, this will help to produce a green and healthy lawn during the summer when you want your lawn to look at it's best.

After a wet and dreary winter many lawns are looking a bit worse for wear. The heavy rainfall, combined with low light levels, will have enabled moss to proliferate at the expense of the grass. You may have also noticed some yellowing in the turf; this is due to a lack of chlorophyll, known as Chlorosis. Chlorosis happens when turf is unable to photosynthesise because of low light levels and waterlogged conditions. Both moss and chlorosis can be easily dealt with through a good spring renovation programme.
A comprehensive renovation would commence with a treatment to control the moss, then scarify to remove the moss and control excess organic matter, followed by seeding to ensure that the area is dominated by grass and not moss. Applying a top dressing after seeding will level out dips/hollows and ensure there is good seed to soil contact for maximum germination. Then finish off with a fertiliser application using a high-quality fertiliser to encourage the existing grass and get the new seeds off to the best start. Solid or hollow tine aeration can also help the renovation process.


We have verything you need to help you get your lawn back in top condition this Spring.


If you require any help or advice on how to care for your lawn this spring and to receive a free estimate, then please give me a call or use the contact form on the left of this page.




The key to a healthy looking lawn in the Summer is in the preparation and treatment that it receives in Spring.


As the weather warms up from Spring your grass will start to grow more quickly and will need to be cut more often. However during very dry and hot spells the grass growth slows and should only be cut as and when needed. If possible during drought conditions try not to cut the grass at all but if this becomes necessary then cut on the highest setting available on your mower. This will assist the grass to retain moisture and help shield the soil from the sun.


Top Tips:


  • Never cut your grass shorter than 1", ideally it should be between 1" and 2"s.
  • Ensure the blades on your mower are kept sharp. This will help prevent the mower from shredding the grass tips leaving them with a brownish appearance.
  • Try to avoid watering your grass lightly as this leads to shallow root growth.
  • It is better to give your lawn a good soaking once or twice a week to ensure that the water gets right down to the root ball and thereby encouraging deeper root growth and more drought resistant grass.
  • Water in the early morning or late evening
  • If your grass is newly laid, or newly seeded, then water regularly to avoid the soil from drying out and damaging the new grass.
  • If your grass is more established and turns brown during very dry spells then try not to worry unduly as this usually recovers when the rain comes or is water on regular basis.
  • Ensure that your lawn is kept well feed, this can be achieved by using a high quality fertiliser, and kept weed and moss free.


If you require any help or advice on how to care for your lawn this summer and to receive a free estimate, then please give me a call or use the contact form on the left of this page.


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